Doki Doki Ofuro Time 2

Doki Doki Ofuro Time 2
Platform: PC
Publisher: Punitto Dot, Takoyaki Girls
Game: Clicker, Shooter
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 5

This sequel to a game where you only cleared away steam from a naked girl takes a much more involved approach. In this game, the object is to click as many of the exclamation mark symbols as you can to rack up enough points to watch the full scene of the girl undressing, after which the game will give you the opportunity to play with her bouncing breasts until she apparently climaxes. A separate two stages in the game puts you in the role of the showerhead (with apparently terrible water pressure) as you try to wash the bubbles away from her body while avoiding the larger bubbles that will destroy you. It’s impossible to complete the game the first time through because you must use the points you get from your previous attempts to buy power-ups. Finding the right combination of power-ups to see all of the H content is the biggest challenge of the game, but the in-game artwork is very good… and features plenty of bounce.

This game is available from DLsite! Follow this link for more info.


Game screen 1

Game screen 2

Much better, and cleaner!