Faeries Residence

Platform: FM-7, PC-88
Publisher: Champion Soft
Game: Adventure, Puzzle, Yakyuken
Difficulty: 5
Nudity: 4

You receive a strange invitation to a mansion owned by the creepily named “Mr. Lolita”, and upon arrival, begin exploring the mansion and meeting girls who present you with various challenges. The girls strip if you are successful. The challenges are mostly puzzles, such as a Nim game and the dreaded sliding puzzle, but the final girl challenges you to yakyuken. Unfortunately, it’s a text-based game otherwise, meaning some mastery of Japanese is required to play the game. There is also a trap in the game that will get you arrested by a disturbingly cute police officer if you make the wrong choice early in the game.

Screenshots taken from the PC-88 version.


You are in front of a door.