Dousoukai – Seijuku Shita Kanojotachi

Dousoukai – Seijuku Shita Kanojotachi
Platform: PC
Publisher: Anbu PaPa
Game: Memory
Difficulty: 1
Nudity: 4

This is kind of a strange one. The object of this game is to find the faces on the grid that correspond to each girl after being shown briefly where they are, and picking from memory. Picking the wrong face or a blank space causes you to lose a chance, but if you manage to find all of the matching faces from the one you chose, the girl corresponding to the face allows you to use the mouse to erase an article of clothing from her body. It sounds difficult, but the game can be thwarted through use of the Print Screen key.

This game was formerly available on DLsite, but has been removed and the developer appears to have moved on.

Game screen 1

Game screen 2