Datsui Oni Gotsu Musume

Datsui Oni Gotsu Musume
Platform: PC
Publisher: Lettuce
Game: Action, Tag
Difficulty: Adjustable
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Lolicon

Here’s a twist. A game made in RPG Maker that isn’t really an RPG. In fact, it isn’t really a game of tag either. Instead, you walk into houses, talk to girls, and then chase a rapidly moving golden ball around farmland trying to keep away from the armored Spartan and farmyard animals. You have a couple of tricks to trap or catch up to the ball, where one creates impassable rock in a square around you and the other causes you to dash in a straight line. Once you tag the ball with a key enough times, you win, and the girl strips. Once you get her naked, you have the option of having sex with her. The game’s difficulty is adjustable, but it comes in separate game files for some reason. I guess RPG Maker doesn’t allow games with internally selectable difficulty settings.

This game was formerly available on DLsite, but has since been removed.


Game Screen 1

Game Screen 2