Platform: PC
Publisher: Grace
Game: Puzzle
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 1 to 2 (4 in one scene)
Caveats: Lolicon

You are Carol, a Santa Claus-ish girl who must represent a somewhat perverse take on the spirit of Christmas. That is, if Christmas involves visiting random people to challenge them to block-fitting puzzles and putting them in racy costumes or flipping their skirts if you win. Much like Tetris, you try to fit the shapes of blocks together into groups, though your goal is to create patches in sizes of at least 3×3 and clear them in order to damage your opponent, who is doing the same. Filling the area completely with no holes is an automatic win. The “strip” portion isn’t in victory, but for some reason your enemies progressively strip to a degree as they perform combos.


Game screen