Bubble Star

Bubble Star
Platform: Javascript
Publisher: Colorful Pencil (formerly Luka Games)
Game: Block-breaking
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4

A slightly different take on the standard block-breaker. The goal of this game is to pop all the bubbles by hitting them with your ball. To control the ball, you click to summon a golden bubble that will bounce the ball depending on where it hits. You can also click and hold to throw the ball in a given direction depending upon where it is when you release the mouse button, though the release is delayed slightly. You must also try to avoid the spiked balls that appear in each stage. Popping bubbles in combinations earns you extra points and can summon four more balls that will automatically clear the board for you. As you clear stages, the bathing girl in the background removes her towel and poses with decreasing amounts of obscuring steam. You only get five tries, and there are no extra lives as far as I can tell. At the time of this entry, there are three versions of this game with different girls.

This game was formerly playable at Colorful Pencil’s website; however, they recently shut down as the developer has moved on to bigger and better gaming prospects.


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