Bonnou Yobiko 3

Bonnou Yobiko 3
Platform: PC-98, X68000
Publisher: Software House Parsley, Capybara
Game: Quiz
Difficulty: 5
Nudity: 1 to 4

You play a student who visits a school, challenging the teachers there to true or false quiz sessions. Each teacher will have different rules, although the questions seem to all be pulled from the same bank. If you happen to pass their test, they take off some clothing and let you have a cheesecakey picture of them in a stage of undress. Although the game uses a continue and save feature, the rules get harder with each girl to the point where answering one question wrong nets you Game Over. Japanese knowledge is required, although for the first few stages you can get lucky and guess your way through. The pictures start out fairly tame, but the girls get more nude and more racy as you pass stages.


Game screen