Billiard Kyapikyapirun

Billiard Kyapikyapirun
Platform: PC-88, PC-98
Publisher: Technopolis Soft, Tokuma Shoten
Game: Billiards
Difficulty: 5
Nudity: 4*

Your poolshark girl challenges other girls to billiard games and attempts to strip them naked by constantly sinking balls. The girl you challenge will strip one article of clothing for every ball you sink. Unfortunately, not only does the game incorporate the worst attempt at a clone of Side Pocket in that its physics make the game nearly impossible to win, but if at any time you must start a new round (which you will), the girl puts something back on. Meaning, the only way to strip a girl down is to sink every ball on the table in a row in one round, while trying your best to work around the game’s awful physics. Fail, and your girl gets the cue chalk beaten out of her. I guess the girls are cute, but there are better and easier strip billiard games that make better use of the Side Pocket engine.

*This is a guess based on averages and other games by Tokuma Shoten. I honestly was only able to strip a girl to her bra and panties. Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but the game really is that hard. Screenshots from players who manage to strip a girl completely are of course welcome.

Screenshots from the PC-98 version


Game screen