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Zeus BinBin Monogatari - Waruichi Chinpo O Yattsukero

Zeus BinBin Monogatari - Waruichi Chinpo O Yattsukero
Platform: PC
Publisher: Fetish Fairy, artwork by NamakemonoX of CFNM Bravo
Year: 2011
Game: STG
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Bondage, Bukakke, Castration (mostly implied), CFNM, S&M

Disclosure: Although it took place after this article was posted, the webmaster has worked with Fetish Fairy on a translation project unrelated to this game.

Once again, I step out of my comfort zone and review a Fetish Fairy work. It's been a while since I've covered a shooting game from DLsite anyway.

Zeus Binbin Monogatari - Waruichi Chinpo O Yattsukero, translated as "Throbbing Tale of Zeus - Finish Off the Evil Cock!", takes place in a realm loosely based on Greek mythology. Instead of the king of Greek gods haphazardly throwing lightning bolts at people like a LARPer facing an ogre, however, Zeus is instead cumming all over the landscape every five minutes. And naturally, the people are upset with this, and cry out for it to be put to a stop. Athena, goddess of wisdom and absolute hatred for everything that is phallic, sends a winged female champion to fly to Mt. Olympus to do just that, granting her the power to shoot waves of destruction from her sword. Flying into her path, however, are little winged cherubim that shoot various projectiles at her in order to try to stop her from getting to the source of this madness, as well as Greek gods and goddesses who want the land-soaking spunkfest to continue and aim to protect Zeus from this female champion of castration... or rather, they simply wish to protect his package from her punishment! There are four stages in total, pitting you against the gods and goddesses Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, Dionysus, Aphrodite, and finally Zeus himself. Of course, being that this is from the sadistic minds of Fetish Fairy, not only is this a game where the antagonists lose clothing as you grind away at their uh, defenses, but it's only the gods who end up stripped naked; the goddesses in this game are stripped down to swimsuits and lingerie, and they don't let a thing like minor exposure stop them. If the heroine fails, however, she is sentenced to a life of being a target for all of the ejaculations of the gods as punishment.

This is Fetish Fairy's first action game, since their previous games were mostly story-driven. As such, the gameplay is very simple, but it doesn't cry out "cheap" or "slapdash"; true, they admit that this is an easy shooter game, but the artwork is very well-rendered, especially for a first effort. In this top-scrolling shooter, you have standard controls of moving around and shooting, and you collect power from defeated foes that strengthens your shots or acts as a smart bomb, which triggers automatically whenever you get hit rather than on command. There is a time limit to each stage, but usually you can complete the stage before the clock runs out. Where this really speaks of Fetish Fairy's style, however, are the visual gags. For example, in this game, not only are the gods capable of multiple orgasms, but their splooge fills up the screen in a rain of white droplet projectiles while the goddesses mercilessly give them handjobs in the later stages. (If Athena hates the phallus so much, why'd she give our heroine a sword...? Never mind...)

As a CFNM and M-situation themed game, the motifs appear to revolve around castration; however, any gore or blood is spared from the eyes of the viewer in favor of comical, 16-bit looking explosions. It's important to note here that Fetish Fairy opted for a more humorous and erotic approach to the theme instead of being outright cruel or man-hating in their depictions. Indeed, they don't hate men or penises any more than other hentai game artists and creators might be construed as hating women; it's more accurate to say that they have a sadistic, perverted and yet silly sense of humor, which is often reflected in the games and illustrations they produce. With that said, Zeus Binbin Monogatari is still very much for fans of M-situations and sadistic leanings against men, so I would recommend this game especially for them; you shouldn't expect to see any oppai in this whatsoever.

This game is available from DLsite! Because the game is protected by user authorization, we cannot show you any more screenshots from it.