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Zenkai Denshoku

Zenkai Denshoku
Platform: X68000
Publisher: Office Koukan
Year: 1991
Game: Pachinko
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 4

Yay, more strip pachinko! And it's much harder. Like the studio's previous release, this game's goal is to reach a certain score goal by landing the many-colored balls in the proper slots and get the slot machine to line up favorably. For each score goal you reach, the girl pictured will strip. The machine has a time limit, and when it ends, you are treated to a slide show of each picture of the girl you earned before being shooed along to the next machine and the next girl. It's harder than Mankai Denshoku because, not only are the pockets tougher to reach, but you have to select each variation of the machine to try to figure out which one will be the easiest to get a high score.

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