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Yie Ar Rape Fu

Yie Ar Rape Fu
Platform: PC
Publisher: TrinitySaber
Year: 2013
Game: Fighting
Difficulty: Adjustable
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Blood, Bondage, Death, Rape, Torture

Every now and then I come across a game that's in poor taste. This is one of those games. In this game, you play a martial artist schoolgirl who fights against burly male antagonists in a game obviously in homage to the old fighting game Yie Ar Kung Fu. However, if she happens to win the fight, the opponent rapes her, and if she loses, the opponent tortures her to death in a number of graphically violent ways. She can also throw off her clothes in the middle of the fight for a power boost at the touch of a button. Once again, I have to draw the line somewhere, so here's the title screen.

This title was formerly available from DLsite English, but has been pulled from their listings. Normally that would give me a sad, but not in this case.