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Yakyuken - Strip Showdown

Yakyuken - Strip Showdown
Platform: Javascript
Publisher: Colorful Pencil (formerly Luka Games)
Year: Unknown
Game: Yakyuken
Difficulty: 3 to 4
Nudity: 4

A series of yakyuken games featuring girls drawn by the same artist responsible for the artwork in AwaAwa, including voice work by amateur voice actresses; most frequently, Rurimo and Akiba Momodai. The goal of the game is the same as any RSP game, but the game adds a roulette wheel that can offer you extra points, beer (which prevents the girl from putting articles of clothing back on if she wins), and chances to make her (or yourself) automatically lose two points. Early stages of the game have the girl give up once she is topless, but in later stages the girls undress completely. At the time of this entry, there are 9 girls to choose from.

This game series was exclusive to Colorful Pencil's website. Unfortunately, the author and sole proprietor closed his site and circle in 2016.

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