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Wonpara Wars

Wonpara Wars
Platform: PC-98
Publisher: Mink
Year: 2000
Game: Board
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Blood, Bondage, Rape

This is a game of such contrasts that it blows my mind. The opening scenes depict images of bloody battles, impaled corpses, and severed heads, so you'd never guess that it's actually a board game of men versus women similar to Shogi, placing you against female opponents who lose clothes if you win. Treasures are placed on some squares of the board that make the pieces who pick them up add new move methods to their legal moves, thereby making the game extremely easy in early stages. There are also captive girls placed on the board whom you can rescue for CG of girls in bondage or being raped by monsters.

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