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Virtual Mahjong

Virtual Mahjong
Platform: Arcade, Saturn
Publisher: Micronet
Year: 1998
Game: Mahjong
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 1 to 3

Remember when virtual reality was a thing before it was a thing? In this game, you play in a very polygonal 3D environment in 4-player mahjongg against 3 girls. At the start of the game, you chose which opponent will strip if you win. This is easier said than done, however, since the girls often get good hands, and the game uses a "points" system to determine whether you deserve to keep playing or have to use a Continue. You lose points for notens and whenever one of the girls win, but gain a point if you win. Strip scenes are a rather laughable shot of the polygonal girl posing in increasing stages of undress as you use the buttons to position the camera in different angles, which usually ends up either facing her back or putting the camera very close to her many-angled tits. The game's difficulty is adjustable in the Saturn version, but it affects whether you get blessed with flat nipples or not.

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