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Virtua Bowling

Virtua Bowling
Platform: Arcade
Publisher: IGS, Alta
Year: 1996
Game: Sports
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4

A challenge-based bowling game where you must meet the requirements of the first five frames to move on to the next, and subsequently meet the challenging special stages. You choose between the boy and the girl to represent you, and select the weight of your ball. Meters then measure the path and angle of the ball you throw; you press the button to determine each. As you bowl successive strikes, you are rewarded with pictures of the player of the opposite sex in progressively less clothing, except for in the special stages. This game was released locally in Japan by Alta and worldwide by IGS. Of course, Sutorippu! prefers the ladies, so the girl is shown below. As it happens, in the Japanese release, the nudity was removed; however, in the worldwide release, bowling enough strikes is capable of stripping your opponent naked.

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