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Valkyrie Hentai Anime Poker

Valkyrie Hentai Anime Poker
Platform: PC
Publisher: JAST, Valkyrie
Year: 1999
Game: Cards, Casino
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 5
Original Title: JAST Poker

A game of strip poker that can be played with up to three opponents. This version was translated from the original and re-released by JAST USA in 1999. The original game included four girls, but expansions were released that included look-alikes of anime characters from various series including Sailormoon, Lodoss, Tenchi Muyo!, Slayers, Evangelion, Nadesico, and Dirty Pair Flash. The game offers five variations of poker, but has the annoying feature of making you select it each hand. Otherwise decent.

Title    Select screen    Game screen    Despite the two ditzy Sailorsenshi cosplayers, the busty Sasami look-alike is the first naked.