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Twinkle Knights

Twinkle Knights
Platform: 3DO
Publisher: Intarus
Year: 1995
Game: Cards
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 3 to 4
Caveats: Bondage, Plentiful crotch-punching

A rare breed of 3DO FMV game. In this game, you're tasked by a goddess of light to battle four girls and retrieve four elemental crystals from them. Cards represent attacks, taunts and recovery items, and the higher card wins (with the exceptions being 1 vs 10 cards and the Joker cards). Results are played out with short clips of the girl either attacking or reacting to your attack. Taunts and being attacked affect your aura, which powers the special attack of each player. The girls lose clothes as you win each round against them, while beating them without using a continue shows you still images of the girl you beat in progressive states of undress. The game has some performance bugs and is rather two-dimensional, but it's enjoyable and the AV actresses are very attractive. The game doesn't work on a non-Japanese 3DO, however.

I have put together a video review of this game! Check it out here.

Title    Game screen    Hazukashii~    Victoly!