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Totsugeki Masui Shoujo Alice

Totsugeki Masui Shoujo Alice
Platform: PC-98
Publisher: Shining Field
Year: 1994
Game: Puzzle
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4

A clueless little girl is called upon to administer drugs to strange zombie-men who are attacking women in her area. Instead of controlling her directly, however, you must build her a pathway that leads to the key to open the door, and then to the door itself in each stage in a game similar to Pipe Dream. The game is made unnecessarily hard by timing you in two methods at once. You lose a life if the girl reaches the edge of the path into grass, trees or hazards, or if the timer runs out before she reaches the door. And, since you're not always given the proper pieces of road to lay down before her, destroying and replacing any section of road takes a chunk out of the timer. You can pick up candies and pieces of cake to add to the timer, but usually they are far out of the way and the bonus you get doesn't make a difference. As a result, the game is thoroughly frustrating, but after every five rounds you are treated to the girl of each stage in progressive states of undress.

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