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Touhou Datsui Mahjong

Touhou Datsui Mahjong
Platform: PC
Publisher: Kasuga Chou
Year: 2010
Game: Mahjongg, 4-player
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4

This is a 4-player mahjongg game with characters from Touhou, the main game consisting of a story mode where you select from a few characters and play against others. Since the main game is more of a sex-punishment game, however, what makes it "strip" is the game's "datsui" mode where you play as Alice Margatroid against one of three other girls who have two mooks at either side to fill the other two places. It could have been implemented a little better, and the game itself favors the opponents so much that pretty much all of us lost our patience when trying to play it.

This game is available from DLsite English! Follow the banner link for more info.

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