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Tifa-tan X2

Tifa-tan X2
Platform: PC
Publisher: Toushiryoku Kenkyuujou
Year: 2005
Game: Action
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Rape

A sequel to the circle's previous game, Tifa-tan X, this Kung Fu Master-inspired game has you in the role of Final Fantasy 7's Tifa fighting her way through the floors of a skyscraper and battling girls from fighting games such as Darkstalkers and King of Fighters. Enemies who get close to Tifa will grab onto her and tug at her clothes, molesting her while draining her energy, but you have tons of moves at your disposal to fight them off. The game uses a slot system that allows you to pull off different fighting game moves from other characters, and the game also has a "hammer mode" that gives Tifa a projectile sledgehammer to deal with enemies at a distance. Bosses are girls from the inspiring fighting games, whose giant avatars in the background lose clothes as you deal damage, with their defeat giving you pixellated nudity and healing from a Dragon Quest healslime, followed by nude artwork of the girl you just defeated. Fail, though, and Tifa gets stripped. This game is quite fun to play and a huge improvement over the first game, which was more or less just a straight Kung Fu Master clone.

Currently, this game is only officially available through the Japanese DLsite.

Title    Game screen    Victoly!    YOU lose!