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Super Strip Fighter IV

Super Strip Fighter IV
Platform: PC
Publisher: StudioS
Year: 2010
Game: Fighting
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Bondage, Futanari, Phallic symbiotes(?), Lolicon, Rape, S&M, Tentacles, Torture

A re-release of Strip Fighter IV, this edition containing a few new fighters. One of the main differences here is the difficulty; it's a lot harder than the original. Another difference, as demonstrated below, is that the new fighters, when victims of Strip Combos, seem to only have their clothing mostly torn rather than being rendered naked; some are barely stripped at all (though that may be a small favor in the case of Jin). This edition also introduces "rape" moves for certain characters to do to their victims, so they're no longer restricted to S.

This game is available from DLsite! Follow the banner link for more information.

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