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Super Pai-Oh 2

Super Pai-Oh 2
Platform: PC
Publisher: Koji Sato
Year: 1995
Game: Shanghai
Difficulty: 2*
Nudity: 3*

A mahjongg puzzle game that apparently never quite got off the ground as the only surviving version appears to be a Shareware demo. I'm not even sure if in fact there was a first. In any case, you clear pairs of matching tiles, the rest of the puzzle sliding toward the center of the screen as you do. As you clear stages, the girl pictured strips an article of clothing. The full version would seem to have four girls, full nudity, and escalating difficulty. I would gladly buy the full version of this game if that were possible, but the author appears to have long since abandoned his games and disappeared from the Web. A pity, really, as the artwork is nice.

* - Being that only a Shareware version is available, these ratings are based on that version.

Title    Game screen    Almost as naked as this version gets.