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Shugakuryokou Youfukashi-gumi

Shugakuryokou Youfukashi-gumi
Platform: PC
Publisher: sol-fa-soft
Year: 2007
Game: Board
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Lolicon

Even we here at Sutorippu! didn't see this coming, but here it is. A game very similar to the kids' game "Crocodile Dentist" where the object of play resembles a hippopotamus instead. You play against three lolis, each of whom have a different amount of clothing on, and try to push only the teeth that won't make the hippo bite. Whoever makes the hippo bite down has to strip as a penalty. Although you also lose clothing if you pick the wrong tooth, your avatar is never really shown. Getting the girls undressed, however, sometimes involves choices that affect the outcome of the game's aftermath. You also only have a limited number of rounds to play before the game chucks you out of the apartment in which you're playing.

This game is currently only available through the Japanese DLsite.

Title    Dialogue screen    Game screen    Victoly!