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Shoujo Mahou Gakuen Oshyaberi Card Game

Shoujo Mahou Gakuen Oshyaberi Card Game
Platform: PC
Publisher: Tinkle Bell
Year: 2012
Game: Cards
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Futanari (sort of)

You play as a scantily clad purple-haired teacher at a magical girls' academy, playing against several of your students in a card game very similar to Uno. Most of the rules are the same, with one exception being that you can't play a "special" card as your last card to go out or the game will force you to draw more cards. You earn points based on whether you won the round and if not, how many cards were in your hand if you didn't, although the game is usually easy enough that you'll win almost every round. At the end of each game, you can select from the bottom two girls in terms of score to keep in the game, with a choice of penalties to either strip and molest them or to have sex with them using a magically-created schwantz made out of "love energy". If you happen to lose the game, however, the girls will force you to strip and pose nude. Like other Tinkle Bell games, you can keep playing the game to earn points and unlock bonuses such as bonus art and hentai CG.

This game was formerly available from DLsite English, but has been removed.

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