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Shinobi Girl

Shinobi Girl
Platform: Flash
Publisher: KooooN Soft
Year: 2011
Game: Action
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Bondage, Bukakke, Pregnancy, Rape, Tentacles

As a big-breasted ninja girl, your goal is to get from one end of each stage to the other, fighting off enemies and running from the giant tentacle demon that wants to enslave you. Your main weapon is a sweeping kick that attacks a wide range, and you have a limited-use fire attack that clears the screen of enemies. As you get hit, you lose clothes, and running into enemies when naked will make them capture and begin to rape you. You lose HP and gain Pleasure as you are molested; when your Pleasure meter fills, your girl achieves orgasm and is immobilized for a short time. If you lose all your HP, the game ends. You can regain HP by masturbating, but this takes time. There are only a few stages in this game, but it's apparently the first in a series.

This game is available at DLsite! Follow the banner link for more info.

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