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Sexy Fighter

Sexy Fighter
Platform: PC
Publisher: Frog
Year: 1993
Game: Adventure, Cards
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4

An evil presence within "Sexy High School" is draining the lives of its male students and causing the female students to become hostile toward each other. A schoolgirl and her rabbit-like companion set out to find out the source of the problem, while fighting off other girls. While much of the game is a look/talk/get/go-style adventure game, battles take place both by choice and at random, where the game has a setup similar to Battle Skin Panic, with one difference. "Strip" cards undress the opponent, and combatants lose if they are stripped naked, or if they run out of health and are rendered naked by the loss. All in all, a weird game that is obviously influenced by Japanese hentai games.

Title    Game screen    A better game screen    Waaaah! I'll never get my nipples back! T_T