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Royal Wonder Mahjong Academy

Royal Wonder Mahjong Academy
Platform: Java
Publisher: Karin Island Network
Year: 2008
Game: Mahjongg
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 5
Caveats: Lolicon

A game using the Java-based "Jangoro" system. You are a magical girl, apparently at a school for other magical girls, facing one of two of your classmates in strip mahjongg. The scoring in this game is a little weird; when a mahjongg is claimed, the score is deducted from the loser, but it doesn't accumulate. Both you and the opponent lose clothes as you run out of funds, though the game seems to start over from round one if you are ever stripped.

This game is available from DLsite English! Follow the banner link for more info.

Game screen    Victoly!