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Quiz Bancho

Quiz Bancho
Platform: PC-98, X68000
Publisher: Active Software
Year: 1992
Game: Quiz
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4

In this sequel to Santakun, a rough-edged yankii and his sailorfuku-clad girlfriend travel the world, being challenged by stereotypical residents of the countries they visit to fights that involve true or false quizzes. As you answer questions correctly, you deplete your opponent's life meter, and at certain stages, the opponent's girl companion loses clothes. If you get five questions wrong, however, Sailor Quiz is stripped and you have to start over. The matches are set up with you at a severe disadvantage, making it particularly difficult to see more than the progressive strips of the schoolgirl for nudity.

Screenshots taken from the PC-98 version

Title    Game screen    Victoly!    He came.