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Penki-ya You-chan

Penki-ya You-chan
Platform: FM-7, PC-88
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Year: 1983
Game: Action
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4

This game is a study in weirdness and irritation. You are a plucky painter asked to paint the side of an invisible building where a pin-up girl (You-chan) rests, and your job is made difficult by falling paint cans set precariously on the top of the wall, snickering villains who spill red paint on your wall, and annoying dogs that see it as their mission to knock over your paint. You can only scare off the painters by walking under them on one of the ledges, and you have to keep the dogs away from your paint by running to the bottom of the screen. If you manage to paint the entire wall, the next stage shows You-chan in progressively less clothing. Since the game isn't really worth all the trouble and aggravation, here is the ending screen.

Title    Game screen    CONGLATURATION! You have completed a shitty game!