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Peach Club II: Girls Saver

Peach Club II: Girls Saver
Platform: MSX2
Publisher: Momonoki House
Year: 1991
Game: Quiz
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 5
Caveats: Bondage, S&M

A group of lesbian girls is stripping and enslaving other girls in the school where the heroine attends. She challenges them to try to put an end to it, and is presented with quiz questions from each girl. The girls ask multiple-choice questions which you answer with the direction keys. If you achieve the necessary score within 25 questions, the girl strips. However, if you fail, the heroine is stripped and tied up. The game issues passwords for every girl you defeat. I'm not sure if this is a sequel to Peach Club Sekai Isshu Quiz Hen, but the artwork is very good.

Title    Game screen    Victoly!    YOU lose!