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Peach Club Sekai Isshu Souroku Hen

Peach Club Sekai Isshu Souroku Hen
Platform: MSX2
Publisher: Momonoki House
Year: 1990
Game: Board
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 4

The object of this weird board game is to roll the dice, move your car, avoid hazards and running out of gas, and try to reach the finish points before the girl player does. Hazards include massive potholes in the road, overzealous traffic cops, and the other players that you must engage in dice roll-based car duels with if you land on a space occupied by them. The game is dragged out by the insistent inclusion of two other players that you have to race against as well. You can stop at gas stations and buy equipment to make things easier, but it ultimately comes down to keeping your fuel up, your damage down, and your car ahead of the girl's. If you make it to the end before she does, the girl strips naked, and you are challenged by the next girl.

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