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Para-Dice - Kimi wa Oihagi wo Mitaka?

Para-Dice - Kimi wa Oihagi wo Mitaka?
Alternate Title: Para-Dice - Have You Seen the Highwayman?
Platform: PC-98
Publisher: Aion
Year: 1991
Game: Board, RPG elements
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 4

A royal treasure seems to have gone missing, and so female warriors of different classes and races have been sent out to find it in a land plagued with monsters and strange hazards. They meet monsters and each other in battle, using a "Clothes" system rather than hit points, e.g. the loser loses an article of clothing (although in some cases as far as monsters go, it's really just a HP measure). Being stripped naked only returns the characters to their starting point. Random things along the road can either help you such as shops or wise men, or hinder you or make you lose clothes without a fight. Each character has varying stats and amounts of clothing. To win, you must find the hidden treasure chest and open it, then return to the castle.

Game screen    Mage-girl defeats an enemy    Guitars count as clothes, apparently.