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Onee-san to Issho! Janken Paradise

Onee-san to Issho! Janken Paradise
Platform: 3DO
Publisher: Intarus
Year: 1994
Game: Yakyuken
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4

A yakyuken game full of FMVs of Japanese AV idols. You select your gesture using one of three buttons, and if it beats hers, you dictate what the girl has to take off, and are then treated to a video of her doing so. When you've stripped her naked you also get a bonus video of the girl posing nude in several camera angles. This game also has a mode that allows you to select multiple opponents and rewards you with a video of all the girls, naked, and congratulating you. Somehow I think if games like this had been released in the US, the 3DO wouldn't have flopped as hard as it did. But then, I doubt it.

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