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Nanako SOS

Nanako SOS
Platform: FM-7, PC-88
Publisher: Technopolis Soft
Year: 1983
Game: Various (Adventure, Puzzle, Yakyuken, STG)
Difficulty: 4*
Nudity: 2
Caveats: Lolicon

This is an oddity. An adventure game requiring text commands (in Japanese!), based on the anime/manga series Nanako SOS from the 1980s. There are a few mini-games in the game, one of which places Nanako against a giant aardvark in a yakyuken game. The aardvark gives her hints if she wins, but she has to strip if she loses. Nanako ending up naked results in a Game Over. After this, the game becomes one of those sliding puzzle games, at which point our image contributor for this game lost his patience. It's odd how only one mini-game in the game is remotely ecchi, but then, the source manga wasn't meant for kids anyway.

* - The difficulty rating is based on the contributor's personal experience. The game is unplayable without some measure of knowledge of Japanese.

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