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Nana-chan no Kinjirareta Asobi

Nana-chan no Kinjirareta Asobi
Platform: PC-6001
Publisher: Pax Softonica
Year: 1985
Game: Action
Difficulty: 5
Nudity: 4 (best guess)

The object of this game is to move your hand icon and undress the girl, presumably the titular Nana-chan, by pulling on zippers and straps on her clothing. However, tiny flying demons swarm the screen to prevent you from doing so, and they speed up drastically whenever your hand clamps down via the fire button. Your only defense is the occasional floating girl's head that will slow the enemies down, but their scattering attack patterns are still extremely difficult to dodge long enough in order to make progress-- especially given your wildly variable hitbox that counts a loss at the slightest brush of an enemy, but forces you to try to grab the power-up on several attempts as it passes through you. Each successful round happily removes the article of clothing in question to an embellished rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb, along with some hilariously bad voice-synthesized comments from Nana-chan herself. This game is supposedly based on an ero manga, but only in name.

Title    This was as far as I could get. Fuck this game.