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Majaventure 2 - Zenkoku Onsen Mahjong

Majaventure 2 - Zenkoku Onsen Mahjong
Platform: PC-88, PC-98
Publisher: Onion Soft, NAO Soft, Technopolis Soft
Year: 1989
Game: Mahjongg
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4

You play a pink-haired girl who seeks to win a trip to a hot spring to help her invalid mother by participating in a strip mahjongg tournament. As with the previous game, the mahjongg itself isn't so hard, but stripping the girl is quite difficult. You basically have to claim a mahjongg every round within the five rounds you are given to play against her in order to see her naked, and the game rarely gives you what you need to do so, but at least this game dispenses with the Barbie-doll nudity of the previous game. Also, your character doesn't strip if she loses, once again making the main character's female persona unnecessary.

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