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Mahjong Waku Waku Catcher

Mahjong Waku Waku Catcher
Platform: Arcade
Publisher: Nichibutsu
Year: 1993
Game: Mahjongg
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4

An amusing mahjongg game with a selection of girls in costumes. Instead of outright stripping, however, when you win you get a chance to pick what the girl takes off via a UFO-catching minigame, where the color of the ball you pick up determines what she takes off, or makes her pose. An enthusiastic man dressed as a mahjongg table also sells you power-ups for the points you get for each yaku your winning hands are worth. Ironically, the girl who is designated as wearing "cosplay" is actually wearing a kimono, while the other girls dress in typical fetish-themed outfits such as waitresses or OLs.

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