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Mahjong Kyou Jidai - AV Gal Seifuku Hen

Mahjong Kyou Jidai - AV Gal Seifuku Hen
Platform: 3DO
Publisher: Micronet
Year: 1994
Game: Mahjongg, 4-player
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4

One of three strip mahjongg games in this series. You select from six girls and play against them all in 4-player mahjongg. After several rounds, your scores are compared. In order to view a video sequence of a girl stripping, you must come out at the top of the heap, and how much greater your score was than that of the girl in last place determines how much she takes off. If one of the girls came out on top, however, all you get is a video of that girl walking away. Sounds much easier than it actually is, because the game favors the girls with better hands and rarely gives you anything you need.

Title    Game screen    Ah... ACHOO!