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Lolita Syndrome

Lolita Syndrome
Platform: PC-88, FM-7
Publisher: Enix
Year: 1983
Game: Various (Adventure, Guess-the-number, Yakyuken)
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Blood, Bondage, Guro, Lolicon, Torture

Yes, if you'll believe it, Enix began making sadistic hentai games. In this one, the object is to rescue little girls from various torture devices, and they reward you by taking their clothes off; if you fail, however, the result is a bloody mess. The game in and of itself is a series of mini-games that only vary slightly. Sutorippu! isn't going to take an opposing stance on lolicon, but scenes of torturing little girls are where we officially draw the line. So, here's the title screen. That's all, folks.