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Loli wo Nugasu RPG

Loli wo Nugasu RPG
Platform: PC
Publisher: eighteen-D
Game: RPG
Year: 2011
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 5
Caveats: Bondage, Lolicon

This is a loli-hentai parody of the traditional RPG using the RPG Maker system. A loli adventurer in an all-female world sets out for fame and glory, facing off against monsters and bosses who are all lolis in battles where the stakes are not death, but total nudity. Attacks, skills, and status effects all target clothes. There is no sex in the game, but nudity aplenty. Not terribly difficult as a game, but you might wander around a lot trying to figure out what to do if you don't understand Japanese, although the goals are pretty straightforward.

This game is available from DLsite! Follow the banner link for more info.

Title    Game screen    A wild loli appears!    Victoly!    Thou art naked.