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People who are awesome

The Niche Gamer

About Mahjongg, Hanafuda, and other games:

Mahjong in MAME

About PC-88, PC-98, or other platforms:

PC98 Images
Tokugawa Corp.

Flash, Java, and other online games:

Bishoujo Bishoujo Yakyuken! (Japanese only) Tons of links to free online yakyuken games!

(Japanese only)

(Japanese only)

Copo Deluxe (Japanese only)

Ero Ero Ohkoku (Japanese only)

Erogeimu Shock! (Japanese only, might require Internet Exploit- erm, Explorer to view properly)

(Japanese only)

Irekuba Dou (Japanese only)

Jigokubeya: Nakoruru Block (Japanese only)

(Japanese only)

Satotsu Kouen (Japanese only)