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Kon'yamo Asamade Powerful Mahjong 2

Kon'yamo Asamade Powerful Mahjong 2
Platform: MSX2, PC-88, X68000
Publisher: dB-Soft, Gainen
Year: 1989
Game: Mahjongg
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4 (though, the PC-88 version has its flaws)

This is actually a collection of three different mahjongg games, though the one that concerns Sutorippu! is the second, called "Excite". In the PC-88 version, however, there appear to be numerous programming flaws. For one, the tiles and hands don't appear to be random in the least, and for another, the strip scenes... well, take a look for yourself. The X68000 and MSX versions have better graphics and don't suffer the visual flaw in the strip scenes, but the hands you and the computer are dealt still appear to be bugged.

Screenshots from the PC-88 version

Title    Game screen    Victo- wha?!