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Idol Janshi Suchi-pie Special

Idol Janshi Suchi-pie Special
Platform: 3DO, Arcade, PC, Saturn
Publisher: Jaleco
Year: 1993
Game: Mahjongg, Matching
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 3

Suchi-pie is a popular strip-mahjongg game series that continues to have a fan following to this day, and has recently seen more tame releases for new consoles. Pick from a selection of girls in typical cosplay outfits (schoolgirl, waitress, nurse etc.) and challenge the rest of the cast to mahjongg matches. After winning, you must match the power-up tiles to gain them for later use and uncover a picture of the girl you beat in the beginnings of undress; uncover the picture and you get a new one of the girl in much less clothing. Suchi-pie herself is there to help your girl with power-ups won from the matching sessions. This game can sometimes be a little frustrating as your opponent will go mahjongg often and for rather ridiculous amounts of points, but the game is overall not that hard, especially when power-ups stack.

Screenshots from the arcade version

Title    Game screen    Victoly!