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Idol Janshi Suchi-pie 3 Remix

Idol Janshi Suchi-pie 3 Remix
Platform: DS, PSP
Publisher: Jaleco
Year: 2001
Game: Mahjongg, Matching
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 1

A watered-down remake of the arcade game, this game follows more or less all of the other trends of its predecessors. Suchi-pie plays other girls in mahjongg matches, and you then reveal the girl's picture in a matching game to get her to undress. In this version, however, nudity is limited to bikinis, though the game allows you to select the pose and color of the bikini that the girl will appear in.

Screenshots taken from the PSP version, submitted by Häns Wïënërschörtzën

Title    Game screen    Victoly!