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Houkago Nuginugi Lesson

Houkago Nuginugi Lesson
Alternate Title: After School Strip Lesson
Platform: PC
Publisher: Fetish Fairy, artwork by NamakemonoX
Year: 2011
Game: Adventure, Quiz
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 4
Caveats: CFNM

Disclosure: Although it took place after this article was posted, the webmaster has worked with Fetish Fairy on a translation project unrelated to this game.

It's time to do something different. We've covered a lot of games that involve stripping girls down. In fact, you probably read the title and thought, wow, another game about a quiz session after school with girls stripping. In this case, you'd only be partially right. It's probably much safer to say that this game is one for the ladies.

Fetish Fairy are a doujin comic circle whose specialty theme is CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male), which is a bit of a rising fetish. This is their first game, smaller projects notwithstanding, and its storyline is basically what the title says. A lazy youth who is in danger of repeating a grade refuses to study for the upcoming exams, simply because he hates studying. He is then accosted in the library by three of his hot, aggressive female classmates: Airi, a hyperactive and genki loli-type, Emi, a bossy redhead, and Nanako, a busty and reserved brunette. They take it upon themselves to motivate him to study by taking him to a private room in the school, where they'll subject him to a quiz session. Airi asks questions about literature, Nanako quizzes him on geography and history, and Emi tests his knowledge of English. They've agreed to remove an article of clothing for every one of their questions that he answers correctly. However, if he gets a single question wrong, the girls strip him naked and subject him to shameful punishments.

So, you're asking, how does this differ from any other quiz game we've covered so far, other than the fact that the guy gets naked if he answers incorrectly? Well, to begin with, that's really the entire point of this game; it's a CFNM story, meaning that no matter how well you do in this game, you'll never see the girls completely naked. (The game's authoress comes right out and says this, so don't think I'm handing you spoilers.) Instead, they use every opportunity to trick him into stripping anyway and forcing him to agree to certain stipulations before they'll let him continue the quiz in the hopes of seeing them take off more clothing, which they do... to a point. However, as the events go on and the further you get in the game, the more fun the girls decide to have with him. I've actually read some of the comics done by Fetish Fairy to get an idea of what their idea of punishment to naked men is, and by comparison to some things present in their comics, the punishments here are actually quite softcore.

Gameplay-wise, this game is more of an ADV game than a quiz game. Yes, the girls ask questions and you get rewarded if you answer correctly. However, to begin with, the questions don't change, and you can save your game right at the question being asked so that you can continue to guess until you get the question right. This is a good thing, because you're given seven possible answers, and if you can't really read Japanese (as I'll admit, I'm by no means fluent), then you might get a bit frustrated at having to replay the game often if you don't save. As well, the outcome of the game is determined not only by the quiz questions you answer, but also by choices you make throughout the game that lead to either the quiz continuing, or ending due to the male protagonist choosing to back out. As well, the final choice you make determines the ending that you get in the latter part of the game, though in order to get there, you have to answer all 20 of the girls' questions correctly. Sound is sparse in this game, limited to a few MIDI tunes, as the focus is more upon the story and the artwork.

Yes, this game is pretty different from what we normally cover, since most games with clothing penalty themes tend to be about undressing girls more so than guys. However, at its heart, it's still a strip game. There's a game involved here, with penalties for either side being the loss of clothing. It counts. So, taking it for what it is, it's actually a quite humorous game with good artwork, and given that there are games we've seen that are pretty demeaning to women, for the ladies to get a chance to be in control is a welcome opportunity.

This game is available on DLsite English! Follow the banner link or the title image for more info. Because this game requires user authorization to play, we cannot show you any more screenshots from this game.