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Latest news:

So, obviously it's been over a year since any significant update. The few of you who still visit this site probably deserve a reason why.

When we were forced to update the site from the ground up to Drupal 7, it introduced far more problems than I anticipated it would. Basic modules are breaking, features we really liked are no longer being supported, and I'm not sure whose dick I need to suck to get a theme that just has your basic menu and content layout instead of looking like an amateur 'zine from the 90s. It's become impossible to even so much as list the sites alphabetically, and in the middle of adding sites back to the list, the functionality of the custom URL module simply broke.

The better half of our team also found full-time employment, meaning we no longer have as much time to play titty games as we once did. But as a result, I see only two options for this site's future: leave it static and give up, or nuke it all again and find a better CMS.

We have chosen the latter. As a result, we are going to be working in the background as before to salvage as much of the site's code as we can, and will be looking into other options for our database.

We are sorry about having been out of touch with the site viewers for so long, but these are the reasons why it has remained looking as crappy as it has all this time.