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Holy Legend

Holy Legend
Platform: PC
Publisher: Uzura Game
Year: 2013
Game: RPG
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Futanari, Rape, Tentacles

I don't think I've laughed quite so hard at a hentai RPG in some time. In this game, you are the warrior princess Ashley on a quest to restore order to her kingdom at the behest of her father and mother in the wake of the rise of shadowy creatures who are taking possession of people's bodies. What it lacks in plot originality, the game makes up for with sheer ecchi. First, not only do Ashley and her faerie companion lose clothes as they take damage, but their technical skills are sex acts that can be collected from quests or the map, and every single female outfit in this game would make the cast of Queen's Blade blush. Top this all off with every attack somehow having to involve animations of each heroine completely naked for the space of a second and bosses such as a medusa with penises for hair instead of snakes, and this amounts to pure WTF-grade amusement.

This game was formerly available from DLsite English, but has been removed. Sadfaic.

Title    Game screen 1    Game screen 2    I've heard of the heat of battle, but this is ridiculous...    Victoly!