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Himitsu no Yakyuken

Himitsu no Yakyuken
Platform: Flash
Publisher: Aokumashii
Year: 2013
Game: Yakyuken
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4

A yakyuken game with lots of animation. You are watching porn on your computer and polishing your dolphin to it when, suddenly, your hot girlfriend rings your doorbell, and she's clearly not wearing a bra. The two of you decide to play yakyuken. If you win, at certain points, you will get to choose what she takes off, but all wins will show an animated strip scene for her. Should you happen to get her naked, you are then treated to a somewhat interactive sex scene, though if you lose, she just gives you oral sex. Artwork is quite good, and there's a bit of a twist ending after the sex scene if you happen to win...

This game is available from DLsite English! Follow the banner link for more info.

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