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Himitsu no Odekake

Himitsu no Odekake
Platform: PC
Publisher: Pumpkin
Year: 2014
Game: RPG
Difficulty: 3
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Bukkake, Lolicon, Rape

Loli protagonista Ayame suddenly finds herself locked in the shopping center after a strange tremor strikes, leaving her alone with predatory men who are stranger-danger incarnate, with only a kindly old homeless man offering her refuge. As the point of the game isn't to fight your way out but to avoid them, Ayame is fairly helpless in battle, but her clothes are torn off as she takes damage regardless. Oddly enough, Ayame also has the option of prostituting herself in some shops in the mall.

This game is available from DLsite English! Follow the banner link for more info.

Title    Game screen    Quick, pretend you're a boy! ... What do you mean that's not going to work?!