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Hi-leg Fantasy

Hi-leg Fantasy
Platform: PC-Engine CD
Publisher: Games Express
Year: 1994
Game: RPG
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4

You, a wandering swordsman, manage to get caught in a storm on your small boat and washed to the shore of an island. When two passing travellers help you to an inn, the three of you are suddenly summoned out of your beds by a bunnygirl to a shore near a different town. From here on, the game is an RPG that uses a battle system similar to the ones from Final Fantasy IV through VI, but all of your opponents are women who lose clothes as you chip away their hit points. A few who have played this game have panned it for being too hard to start with, but the truth is that it's quite easy if you take the time to prepare and rest at an inn before getting into any fights.

Title    Game screen    Thy TITS increased by 2.